• Ocwen36.36+0.28 +0.78%
  • Zillow126.53-0.07 -0.06%
  • Trulia40.56-0.35 -0.86%
  • NationStar33.33-1.12 -3.25%
  • CoreLogic30.06+0.09 +0.30%
  • RE/MAX29.04+0.36 +1.26%
  • Fannie Mae4.23+0.01 +0.24%
  • Freddie Mac4.19+0.01 +0.24%
  • Wells Fargo51.395+0.045 +0.09%
  • CitiMortgage50.21+0.61 +1.23%
  • Bank of America15.525+0.005 +0.03%
  • Auction.com0.00N/A N/A
  • Fidelity National Financial27.97+0.08 +0.29%
  • Black Knight Financial0.00N/A N/A
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  • USDJPY=X101.505N/A N/A
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  • Illinois Legislative Update: Senate Bill 2664

    Illinois Legislative Update: Senate Bill 2664

    The first bill, Senate Bill 2664, sponsored in the Senate by Sen. John Mulroe (D-Chicago) and Rep. Sam Yingling (D-Hainesville), is designed to prevent abuses by condominium associations by limiting the fees that can be applied to the buyer of a foreclosed property and to facilitate the sale of the property to the new buyer.

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  • Are Mortgage Underwriters Exempt Employees?

    Are Mortgage Underwriters Exempt Employees?

    In order to qualify as an exempt employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act, an employer must show, among other factors, that the employee’s primary duty is “the performance of office or non-manual work directly related to the management or general business operations of the employer or the employer’s customer.”

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